Transform Your Vehicle

The amazing wrap concept

If you fancy some amazing colours or design on your motors, please give us a shout! From simple matt and gloss colours to textures and chrome the possibilities are limitless.

No Downtime Or Logistic Puzzle

Don’t rip it, just wrap it!

If you opt for an architectural film for your refurbishment project rather than traditional re-fit you will not just save massive amount of money, but also all the headache to try organise it!

We Wrap Anything can resurface most of your doors, furnitures, lifts, tables or bar tops without disturbance and while you’re open!! How good is that ? You also massively reduce your need of contacting multiple tradesman, organise a skip and all the hassle of a traditional refurbishment.

Stay Open. No Loss Of Revenue.

1500 Realistic Textures & Patterns

The Most Cost-Effective Solution

Fire Tested. Moisture & Heat Resistant

A Sustainable Solutions. No Skip. No Landfill.

Top-notch Design & Production Facilities

Our in-house design and production team works hard to understand your individual aims and needs for your architectural refurbishment projects. Using some of the best equipment available, we can deliver the finest quality print and wraps projects on the market.

Limitless Colour And Texture Options

Creativity in your hands.

We Wrap Anything provides in house design services for both the personal and commercial sector. Stand out form the crown with an eye catching design


Worldwide Installation

Our team of experts will come to your hotel or shopping center anywhere in the world for ambitious refurbishment projects.


3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes are designed for interior and exterior decoration and refurbishment projects. Every surface becomes a potential project for architects and designers to rehabilitate and redesign space.


Cover Styl’ is an alternative for renovations and refurbs thanks to being hard wearing and comes with a 10-year guarantee. Like 3M,  it offers additional benefits such as being UV resistant and fire tested certified.


Available in more than 1000 colours, textures and patterns. Our embossed patterns recreate an authentic and realistic feel.


Up to 10 years guarantee against delamination, cracking and yellowing. Fire-rated and in compliance with most of the required standards.


Vinyl refurbishment can be 50-70% cheaper than traditional renovation, for the same visual result. You’re also avoid loss of business and logistic headaches.

Join the Wrapping Revolution !

  • Fast resurfacing with no massive building work. Minimum disturbance, no smell, no noise, no moisture.
  • No loss of revenue for your business – a renovated room in the morning can be rented in the afternoon.
  • You can renovate one item or more, as it is limitless to Keep up with fast moving trends.g

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What Can I Wrap ?

Wrapping is not just about refurbishment. It is also a great way to create a new resistant skin which can be easily repaired and four time more resistant than HPL. You’re thinking : What Can I Wrap ? Here, Some Examples:


Doors & Fire Doors



Work Equipment

Exterior Solutions : Facade & Windows.

Our external range includes facade film, safety window film, window tint, decorative glass, contravision, printed graphics…

Architectural Solutions: Window Films

We Wrap Anything is offering professional services and installation of a variety of Window Films.


Prevent damage and injury by holding together glass in the event of an impact or explosion.

UV Control

solar films are specifically designed to combat the following common problems associated with the suns rays.


Patterned or frosted films can be fitted to create privacy without spoiling a stylish environment.

Safety Window Film

Safety and security window films that have been developed to hold shattered glass in place. They are optically clear and retrofitted to existing glass. Safety films are available in a range of thicknesses to provide different levels of protection.

Solar Film

Solar control window films reject a high percentage of solar heat and glare whilst allowing light to pass through, making the installation of solar control films to existing glazing a highly cost efficient way to control temperatures and glare.

Decorative Window Film

Our decorative glass finishes are available in almost 100 designs. These decorative finishes can be used to control light and privacy while enhancing interiors aesthetics.

Privacy Window Film

Squid is a self-adhesive transparent fabric for covering windows which allows you to see out, but stops people outside from looking in during the day.

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We refurbish and wrap domestic and commercial properties throughout the UK.
Our team of expert installer are able to install a wide variety of finishes for all types of commercial and domestic needs.